Sharek: The New Saudi eVisa System

saudi evisa information

The new Saudi eVisa system, Sharek, is expected to be available to those planning to attend the 2018 Saudia Ad Diriyah E-Prix, the first event of the FIA Formula E Championship, on 15 December.

Applicants require an entry ticket in order to be able to apply for the Sharek international events visa. The Sharek online visa for Saudi Arabia aims to improve the visa system for foreign visitors who wish to travel to Saudi Arabia.

Updating the Saudi Arabia visa process by being able to request a visa electronically enables Saudi Arabia to become more accessible to travelers and diversify the Saudi Arabian economy, as well. The current situation regarding visa and travel is restricted by certain regulations and is subject to travel purposes. Most people who travel to Saudi Arabia who do not have native citizenship are able to enter due to business purposes.

Plans to release an online visa for Saudi Arabia have been discussed for years and have been blocked or delayed by political debate and processes. The Sharek visa is the first online visa to be introduced by Saudi Arabia and will grant visa holders mobility within specific areas of the country.

How to Apply for a Sharek Visa for Saudi Arabia

Requesting a visa for Saudi Arabia can be done by completing an online which takes a maximum of 10 minutes. Applicants should fill out their travel details, passport details, personal and contact details. It will also be necessary to upload an ID photo for the application which will be used for the visa.

The applicant email address will be used to communicate all Sharek visa information and updates on the visa application progress. The final visa will also be emailed to the applicant at the address that they list on the application form.

Sharek visa applicants must comply with the regulations and meet the basic requirements of the visa application.

All applicants must be in possession of a valid passport from an eligible country, making sure that the passport will also be valid for at least 6 months from the entry date to Saudi Arabia. The visa application form must be paid online with a valid card payment method.

Applying for a Saudi Arabia visa in this way means that it will not be necessary to queue at immigration offices or embassies. Instead, the Sharek visa process can be completed online.

Saudi Arabia Visa Validity

The Saudi Arabia Sharek visa will be granted for a 14-day stay at a cost of 640 riyals. Those traveling to Saudi Arabia with a Sharek international events visa are able to enter Saudi Arabia from 1-15 December. Holy cities, Mecca and Medina, are restricted to Muslim visitors and pilgrim visitors.

The FIA Formula E Championship will take place in Diriyah on the weekend of 15 December over the course of three days. At present, it is not yet certain for which other events the Sharek visa will permit travelers to attend or request a travel visa for Saudi Arabia.

In the future, a Red Sea tourism project is in sight with the possibility of international visitors from various countries being able to visit without a visa.