Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa

Citizens from eligible countries are required to apply for an eVisa for Saudi Arabia. Citizens from Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, and the United Arab Emirates are visa-exempt and can travel to Saudi Arabia without a visa.

Do I Need An eVisa For Saudi Arabia?

The online visa authorization to enter to KSA is available for citizens of the United States, all European Countries, and many more. This list of countries may yet be extended as other countries are being considered for entry into the program.

Now that the Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa is available, it marks a historical change in the country as well as an exciting new opportunity for foreign travelers.

The Saudi Arabia Visitor Visa application only requires visitors to enter some basic information such as their personal details, passport information, and travel plans.

There are also a number of security-related questions within the form. Once completed, applicants will be required to cover the visa fee using a valid credit or debit card in order to finalize their Saudi Arabie eVisa request.

Prior to the Saudi eVisa being made available for eligible travelers, it was only possible to obtain a visa by going to a consulate or embassy in person. The Saudi eVisa has eliminated this need for eligible citizens.

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Types of Visitor Visas for Saudi Arabia

Visitors have a number of visas to choose from for Saudi Arabia. Most tourists planning to vacation in the country can enter with an eVisa. However, there are also a number of alternative travel documents that can be obtained from Saudi embassies and consulates for a range of purposes including employment, business, family visits, journalism, and studying.

1. Hajj Visa for Muslim Pilgrims

The Hajj Visa is available for Muslim travelers who wish to make a religious pilgrimage to Mecca which takes place during the last month of the Muslim calendar.

2. Tourist eVisa for Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Arabia eVisa marks a turning point for the country. It has opened Saudi Arabia up to foreign tourism for the first time in its history. Since it is now available online, tourists are able to visit the country for leisure and cultural purposes.

The eVisa online application form is straightforward and only takes a few minutes to complete. The eVisa for Saudi available for citizens from eligible countries to visit the Kingdom.

Can I use a Saudi tourist visa for religious reasons?

Saudi Arabia is one of the most sacred areas in the world for Muslims. Religious visitors are welcome to apply for the Saudi tourist eVisa to enter the country.

This means, for example, that the eVisa can be used to perform the Umrah, the Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca that Muslims can undertake at any time during the year outside the Hajj period.

Those who wish to travel to Mecca during the Hajj must apply for the specific visa.

Travel Documentation for Saudi Arabia

After the application for the Saudi Arabia Visitor Visa has been completed and approved, it will be sent to the traveler by email.

Tourists then just need to present a copy of the Saudi eVisa on arrival in Saudi Arabia, along with their passport, to the Saudi border authorities.

The passport details entered on the application form must match the traveler’s passport exactly. If the information does not correspond, the electronic visa will not be valid.