Saudi Arabia eVisas Available to Jeddah Season Festival Visitors

saudi evisas available to jeddah season festival visitors

Online Visa for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia can be issued to visitors going to the 40-day Jeddah Season Festival. The visas only take 3 minutes to process and allow a stay in the country of up to 90 days.

In previous years these visas were only issued on the condition that the applicant bought a ticket for any of the Jeddah Season Festival events. However, today it is possible to visit the country for tourism if you meet the requirements and experience the festival on your trip.

The festival’s organizing committee announced the Saudi Arabia eVisa would be available specifically to Jeddah Season Festival attendees. Raed Abu Zinada, the general supervisor of the Jeddah Season Festival, said the initiative will contribute significantly to revitalizing the tourism sector and will help support the event.

“Through the purchase of a ticket, the applicant can obtain the tourist visa immediately and within 3 minutes, by signing in on the event’s homepage after completing some minor procedures through following simple instructions,” he said.

The Jeddah Season Festival: “The Sea and Culture”

The Jeddah Season Festival started on June 8 and runs until July 18. It was launched with the slogan “the sea and culture” and it celebrates the culture and heritage of Jeddah, a UNESCO World Heritage site that acts as a gateway to Makkah and Medina.

The festival features a wide range of performances and activities aimed at different age groups, including families. Most of the 150+ events take place at King Abdullah Sports City, Jeddah’s historical area, Al-Hamra Corniche, and Jeddah Waterfront.

The previous festival started with a crowd-pulling performance by Ahlam, an Emirati singer known as the Queen of the Gulf. The second day featured Mohammed Abdo, a popular Saudi vocalist, and the Egyptian star, Amr Diab, played on the third day.

This was followed later by parades, award-winning visual arts, fireworks, light and laser shows, and many more street music performances. Hafez Gallery, Athr Gallery, and Art Jameel also unveiled several new exhibitions and award-winning Michelin-starred restaurants will serve festival-goers.

Some of the big-name musical acts coming up include the Lebanese singers Wael Jassar and Nancy Arjam will play on June 13 and Egyptian singer, Mohammed Hamaki will play on June 15.

The entertainment during the festival aims to showcase the city as a top tourist destination in the Middle East. The huge event creates around 20,000 jobs and volunteer opportunities for young Saudi Arabians and will encourage the formation of new business partnerships between Saudi and foreign companies.

Boosting Tourism with the Saudi Arabia eVisa

The Saudi Government sees tourism as an increasingly important part of the country’s economy. The Jeddah Season Festival is one of the biggest cultural events on the country’s calendar.

Aside from promoting talent from the Middle East, the festival also draws attention to the city of Jeddah itself. The area boasts a major seafront with stunning features, fantastic restaurants, and a diverse range of art and culture.

Raed Abu Zinaida said: “We are pleased with this generous (eVisa) initiative which reflects the keenness of the wise leadership in everything that would improve the tourism sector and their keenness to keep pace with the new development requirements.”

He said the issuing of eVisas will increase the sale of tickets for Jeddah Season events. He also said that the festival formed a part of a national initiative to promote the tourism sector, which is considered a major contributor to the nation’s economy.

Jeddah Season plays a key role in the city’s tourism strategy as it offers support for local entrepreneurs and small businesses including shops, restaurants, and the service industry.

The Saudi Arabia eVisa was only launched last year and was the first visa aimed at promoting tourism in the country. Applicants can apply for the visa in minutes by completing the simple online Saudi Arabia eVisa application and entering basic information such as their name, address, and passport details and paying a fee by credit or debit card.