Who is required to apply for a Saudi eVisa?

Citizens from eligible countries who wish to visit Saudi Arabia for the purpose of tourism are now able to apply for an eVisa by completing an online form.

To successfully obtain an electronic visa for Saudi Arabia, candidates need to meet the basic entry visa requirements. The application process is quick and straightforward to complete.

The Saudi Government has announced that citizens of the following countries are eligible to obtain the online visa (though more may be added to the list at a later date):

Nationals of countries that do not appear on this list are not eligible to apply for the eVisa for Saudi Arabia at this time. Travelers from such sovereign states may be able to obtain consular visas from a Saudi embassy or consulate instead.

It is important to remember that for eligible travelers, the eVisa grants entry to Saudi Arabia for tourists only.

Visitors coming to Saudi Arabia for non-touristic reasons must apply for the relevant visa, even if they hold a citizenship that makes them eligible for the Saudi tourist eVisa.

For example, Muslim pilgrims performing the Hajj must apply for a special visa.

Saudi officials announced they were going to consider allowing travelers from other countries to apply for the eVisa on the condition that they already hold US, UK, or Schengen visas. However, this change has not been made official yet, so until such a statement of confirmation is issued, travelers should abide by the rules detailed above.