Saudi Arabia Visa for Malaysian Citizens

Visa Requirements from Malaysia

If you are a Malaysian citizen looking to visit Saudi Arabia, there are exciting changes that will make applying for a Saudi visa quick and easy.

Saudi Arabia is planning to open up its doors to travelers from around the world, which includes citizens of Malaysia. What does this mean for you? Good news if you are interested in traveling to this exciting Middle Eastern country! You will now be able to obtain a visa before traveling from the comfort of your own home.

Luckily, the process is very simple and straightforward. Keep reading to find out what documents and requirements you are going to have to provide in order to apply for a Saudi Arabia visa for Malaysian Citizens.

Saudi Arabia Visa – Passport Requirements for Malaysian Citizens

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia requires all holders of a Malaysian passport to have a Saudi visa before they travel to the country. The options are many and they range from business visas to diplomatic and religious visas.

Although there is no tourist visa as of yet, Saudi Arabia is going to introduce an eVisa option available only to a group of selected countries, which includes Malaysia. This will be the easiest visa to obtain because it can be done online and has a quick processing time. Likewise, travelers will not need to have an interview or visit the embassy in order to receive their visa: it is an electronic document that will be delivered via email.

The Saudi Arabia visa requirements for Malaysian citizens are easy to compile and the process is simple and does not require much paperwork. Before you can apply for a Saudi Arabia visa, you must have the following documents ready:

  • Ensure there are at least two (2) back-to-back blank visa pages in your Malaysian passport for the Saudi Arabia visa.
  • The validity of your Malaysian passport must be at least 6 months from the date of entry into the Saudi kingdom.
  • One (1) recent passport size color photograph with a white background. Photograph(s) must be full-face shots in which the applicant faces the camera directly.
  • Please note that you may wear neither eyeglasses nor headwear except for religious purposes in your photo.
  • A visa fee may be paid at the time of application.

You must provide all of the required information which includes:

  • Personal information (full name, address, date of birth, etc.)
  • Passport details (number, expiration date, nationality, etc.)
  • Proof of travel (dates, accommodation, etc.)
  • Health information

Please make sure you read the complete visa requirements for Malaysian citizens in order to have the most up-to-date information on what is needed in order to apply for the Saudi Arabia e-visa.

Can I Apply for a Saudi Arabian Visa from Malaysia?

Yes, it is possible to obtain a Saudi Arabia visa for Malaysian citizens by filling out an online application. Please make sure that you have compiled all the necessary paperwork stated above before starting the online application.

To apply for a Saudi electronic visa (also known as an eVisa), Malaysian citizens can fill out their Saudi Arabia online application form by providing a few details about themselves and their trip.

The Saudi Arabia visa application only takes a few minutes and you only need to include basic information such as passport details (number and expiration date), personal details (name, address, date of birth), and a basic travel itinerary (accommodations, plans, activities, etc.)

Once the form has been sent and the payment submitted, applicants will have to wait between 24 to 72 hours for the eVisa approval. High demand or additional paperwork might delay the response, but once it is processed, travelers will receive the eVisa at the email address provided in the form.

Once you have set foot in Saudi Arabia, you will be asked to present your Malaysian passport along with a copy of the Saudi Arabia eVisa that was emailed to you. After handing over the documents to the border security officer, they will check you into the system and you will be allowed to proceed with your visit.

If you’re already daydreaming about the sandy dunes or the coral houses of Jeddah and would like help to obtain your visa to Saudi Arabia, our experts can help you. We encourage you to start your visa application today or contact us for more information and start making your trip to Saudi Arabia a reality.