Saudi Arabia Visa for Citizens of Luxembourg

Entry Requirements for Luxembourgers

In 2019 the Saudi government issued a tourist visa for Saudi Arabia for the first time. This electronic visa, also known as Saudi Arabia eVisa, is available to citizens of dozens of countries around the world, including citizens of Luxembourg.

The eVisa to Saudi Arabia for citizens of Luxembourg is part of a much larger Saudi initiative, called Vision 2030, which is designed to open Saudi Arabia up to the world by modernizing amenities and infrastructure inside the country and making it easier to visit from abroad.

Thanks to the new eVisa to Saudi Arabia, Luxembourg passport holders can now enjoy the history, traditions, and modern development of this unique nation.

Saudi Arabia Visa Requirements for Luxembourgers

Before applying for a Saudi eVisa, it is necessary for Luxembourgers to fulfill the Saudi eVisa requirements. These conditions specify at least two items that all applicants from Luxembourg must possess:

  • A valid passport issued by the government of Luxembourg
  • A means of electronic payment (credit or debit card) valid for payment of the eVisa processing fee

Additionally, Luxembourger applicants must ensure that the passport used for the application has at least 6 months of validity remaining from the date on which they plan to enter Saudi Arabia.

The online visa for citizens of Luxembourg is valid for 1 year from date of approval, and within that year, holders may travel to the Kingdom for up to 90 days within any 180-day period.

While the Saudi eVisa grants visitors from Luxembourg broad access over Saudi territory, travelers should be aware that the Saudi government has not yet announced whether the holy cities of Mecca and Medina will be accessible on the new visa type.

Saudi eVisa for Luxembourg: Mandatory Insurance Policy

Luxembourger individuals traveling on the eVisa to Saudi Arabia are advised that all visitors to the Kingdom are required to obtain a mandatory insurance policy in order to enter the country.

However, this policy is issued automatically when the online visa for citizens of Luxembourg is approved, and travelers are not obligated to take any additional action in order to obtain it.

Applying for a Saudi Arabia eVisa From Luxembourg

After the Saudi online visa requirements for citizens of Luxembourg have been met, applicants will need to complete a short Saudi eVisa application form. This document is primarily intended to register the applicant’s basic personal details and document information, including:

  • Full name and home address
  • Contact information, including email address and telephone number
  • Passport details, such as document number, date of issue, and expiry date
  • Proof of travel plans, such as plane tickets, hotel reservations, and activity bookings

In addition, there are a number of questions that address the Luxembourger citizens’ basic health status (current vaccinations, etc.) and criminal history, if any.

Saudi Arabia eVisa for Luxembourgers: Missing or incorrect information

Travelers from Luxembourg are strongly advised to review all the information they include on their application form before submitting it. This is because applications are screened against a number of international security databases during processing, and information that is entered incorrectly on an application may lead to that application being flagged and sent for additional review. This, in turn, may lead to a processing delay for the application as a whole.

Similarly, it is essential to ensure that the passport details submitted by Luxembourger nationals when applying for the eVisa for Saudi Arabia are exactly the same as those on the applicant’s passport.

If the passport details on the two documents are not a perfect match, the eVisa to Saudi Arabia for citizens of Luxembourg will not be accepted as a valid travel document and will not be useable for entry into Saudi Arabia.

Applicants of Luxembourg can rest assured that their personal information, once submitted, is protected within the Saudi government system and is not accessible to third parties.

Saudi visa types for Luxembourgers

In addition to the new tourist visa, it is possible to obtain other types of visas for Saudi Arabia from Luxembourg. These visa types accommodate Luxembourg passport holders traveling to the Kingdom for a variety of reasons and include:

  • The Hajj visa, which lets Muslims enter Saudi Arabia on pilgrimage to Mecca
  • Business and study visas, which allow foreign citizens to work or pursue an academic course in Saudi Arabia
  • Family visas, which citizens of Luxembourg can use to visit family members living in Saudi Arabia

However, travelers should note that the application process for the eVisa to Saudi Arabia for citizens of Luxembourg is considerably more convenient than for the other visa types, due to the fact that the entire process can be done online. It is also the only Saudi visa specifically created for tourists and recreational travelers.