Saudi Arabia Visa for Kazakhstani Citizens

Visiting Saudi Arabia is much easier for Kazakhstani citizens is much easier than its ever been before.  Since the introduction of reforms to the country’s visa program, it is currently much simpler for tourists to obtain a visa and visit the Kingdom.

Best of all, the electronic visa is available to tourists from more than 45 countries, which includes Kazakhstan.

In this article, you will learn how to obtain a visa to Saudi Arabia for Kazakhstani citizens, what the requirements are, and the process for applying for a visa.

Saudi Arabia Offers Tourist Visa for Travel from Kazakhstan

The new initiatives rolled out by the Saudi Arabian government are part of a greater push towards developing tourism and enticing travelers to the country.

Vision 2030, the new initiative, was planned by Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince and the Saudi board of tourism. It aims to multiply travel, infrastructure, and modernize the country in order to become the newest top tourist destination.

One of the biggest things that came from Vision 2030 was the introduction of the Saudi Arabia electronic visa (also known as an eVisa). The electronic visa makes it easier for travelers to enter the country: in order to obtain an electronic visa, you only need a few minutes to apply online. It takes an average of three business days to process the visa, so that you can travel stress-free and enjoy everything that Saudi Arabia has to offer.

Saudi Arabia Visa Requirements from Kazakhstan

The first step to obtaining a visa to Saudi Arabia is to gather all of the required paperwork and identifying documents needed. There are only a few visa requirements for Kazakh citizens traveling to Saudi Arabia, and we have listed them below for your convenience:

  • A valid Kazakhstan passport: Your Kazakhstan-issued passport must be valid for at least 6 months after the intended date that you plan to enter the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We recommend having at least a few empty pages in your passport on the occasion if it needs to be stamped by a border control officer
  • The applicant’s information: As part of the application, you will need to provide a few pieces of information about yourself which include your full name, passport information, contact details, and so one. It is recommended to keep your passport on hand while filling out the application
  • A digital photo: At the end of the application, you will need to upload a recent photo of yourself (taken within the last 6 months) that clearly shows your face
  • A device with internet access: You will need a device such as a laptop, computer, or tablet in order to access the application form and fill it out properly
  • A form of payment, such as a credit card or debit card, to pay the application fee
  • A valid email address to receive emails about the status and approval of your Saudi Arabia eVisa

Please note that you will be asked to provide an accommodation address in Saudi Arabia. However, you do not need to have booking confirmation for your choice of hotel or guesthouse.

How to Apply for a Saudi Arabian Visa as a Kazakh Passport Holder

After looking over and gathering the Saudi Arabia visa requirements for Kazakhstan citizens, you are now ready to apply for your Saudi Arabia eVisa.

In order to get your visa for Saudi Arabia from Kazakhstan, you will need to begin an online application. The application is very simple and straightforward: the process itself will take as little as 10 minutes to complete.

The form will ask a few basic questions about yourself, such as your full name, gender, and birth date. Next, it will ask for your passport information, such as your passport number, nationality, and date of issue/expiration.

Finally, you will need to fill in your contact information. Please be sure to provide a valid email address, as all notifications regarding your Saudi visa will be sent there. At the end of the application, you will be asked to upload a clear and up to date photo of yourself and pay the application fee.

After your application is processed, you will get an email about the final status regarding your Saudi visa, usually within three to five business days. However, please note that it may take longer depending on demand and holidays.

All tourists that are planning to travel to Saudi Arabia are encouraged to apply for their eVisa a minimum of 5 business days before their planned departure in order to take into account the processing time. Once received, a copy of your Saudi Arabia eVisa can be printed off and presented to the immigration officer on duty when arriving in the country.

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