Saudi Arabia Visa for Italian Citizens

Visa Requirements from Italy

If you are an Italian citizen who wishes to visit The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, there are a few requirements you must adhere to and they start by obtaining a visa before entering the country.

Below can be found all the information on how to get a visa to Saudi Arabia, the documents you need, and the process you must follow in order to travel there.

Does Saudi Arabia Offer Visa-Free Travel for Italian Citizens?

Visa-free travel for European citizens is one of the many possibilities that Saudi Arabia is looking into.

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman aims to increase the total tourism spending in the country to $46.6 billion in 2020. In order to achieve such a goal, he is introducing a program by which citizens from a select few countries will be able to travel to Saudi Arabia on an electronic visa, therefore expediting processing times.

This new Saudi Arabian eVisa will replace the previous visa application process that caused travelers to wait weeks and complete rigorous paperwork before being allowed entry into the country. “Embassies and consulates will be able to issue the visas within 24 hours of receiving a request,” stated a source from Arab News Daily.

What Are the Saudi Arabia Visa Requirements for Italian Citizens?

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia requires all Italian passport holders to have a Saudi Arabia visa before they can be admitted into the country.

Although Saudi Arabia does not currently offer a “tourist visa” per se, the eVisa that will be introduced shortly is an alternative. Only nationals from selected countries will be able to apply but this means that citizens from more than a dozen different nations will be able to travel to Saudi Arabia on an electronic visa (eVisa).

Nevertheless, there are still some important visa requirements that Italian citizens traveling to Saudi Arabia will have to meet, such as:

  • There must be at least two (2) back-to-back blank visa pages in the applicant’s Italian passport for the Saudi Arabia visa.
  • Italian passport must have at least 6 months validity from the date of entry into Saudi Arabia.
  • One (1) recent passport size color photograph with a white background needs to be provided. Photograph(s) must be full-face shots and the applicant must face the camera directly.
  • A visa fee must be paid.

The following information will be required:

  • Personal details (full name, address, date of birth, etc.)
  • Passport data (number, expiration date, nationality, etc.)
  • Proof of travel (dates, accommodation, etc.)
  • Basic health information

Tourists should consult the most up-to-date visa requirements for Italian citizens before traveling.

How to Apply for a Saudi Arabian Visa for Italian Passport Holders

Applying for a visa to Saudi Arabia for Italian citizens is quick and easy. Not only that, but it is also possible to apply for the Saudi Arabia visa from Italy. Travelers can do so by filling out the online application form and providing the required details.

The process for requesting a Saudi Arabia visa is so simple that it only takes a few minutes to complete from start to finish. Candidates must provide basic personal information such as name, address, and date of birth, as well as passport details (number and expiration date), and a basic travel itinerary.

After completing the online form and submitting payment, hopeful travelers need to wait for approval of their eVisa. This usually takes between 24 to 72 hours, but some delays might be experienced during periods of increased demand. Once the eVisa is processed, it will be sent to the applicant’s email inbox.

Once on Saudi Arabian soil, the applicant will need to present their passport along with a copy of the eVisa to be granted access into the country.

saudi arabia application form

This electronic visa program is expected to be rolled out within the next two years. In fact, tourism officials in Saudi Arabia have already started a pilot program (called a Sharek visa) that allows travelers to get a simple visa by attending locally-held events such as the E-Prix races.

Considering demand will skyrocket once the program has been launched, if you know you are going to visit Saudi Arabia, we recommend applying for a visa as soon as possible in order to guarantee you can travel on your desired dates.