Saudi Arabia eVisa: Check Status

Saudi Arabia eVisa: Check Status

Important: It is only possible to complete the check if you obtained your Saudi travel authorization through this website.

After completing an eVisa application online, status updates and the approved Saudi Arabia eVisa will be sent by email. The email address provided in the application form will be used for all related correspondence.

It is paramount for applicants to double-check that they have typed their email address correctly prior to finalizing their application. This will ensure they will receive updates regarding their eVisa request and that they can access the confirmation email that contains their unique reference number.

Once the applicant has finalized their eVisa request, the application will be analyzed by the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Most Saudi Arabia eVisa applications are processed within one business day. However, certain applications may take up to 3 business days.

The processing time for a Saudi Arabia eVisa excludes weekends as well as Saudi Arabia public holidays. As soon as it is processed, the result of the application is sent directly to the applicant via email.

In certain instances, however, the email service provider may accidentally misplace the confirmation email for the electronic visa to Saudi Arabia in the spam, junk, trash, deleted or archived folder.

This can be easily corrected by performing a search in your inbox for Saudi Arabia eVisa, or by revising said folders thoroughly in order to recuperate the misplaced email message.

Verify Saudi Arabia eVisa Status

Foreign visitors who have completed a visa request through the Saudi Arabia eVisa application form will receive a reference number via email. The email will be sent to the electronic address provided by the applicant when they filled out their contact details during the application process.

The reference number for the Saudi Arabia eVisa allows applicants to check the status of their visa request online. Additionally, the reference number for the Saudi Arabia eVisa appears on screen (in your browser window) once you have completed your application by clicking on the submit button after entering your payment details.

It is advisable to take note of the reference number by jotting it down on paper or taking a screenshot. This will allow you to have it on hand when necessary to easily check the status of a Saudi Arabia eVisa application online.

Status Information for the Saudi Arabia eVisa

Please note that the eVisa for Saudi Arabia is an electronic document. Hence, the eVisa will be sent to you via email. You will not receive any paper documents since the process is entirely digital.

The eVisa includes the mandatory medical insurance policy, which is taken out on your behalf by the Saudi Arabian government. Therefore, you do not need to take out health insurance for your trip since it is done for you at the moment your eVisa is approved.

Your Saudi eVisa health insurance documents are sent to you via email along with your visa once it is approved. Both documents are delivered within 3 business days, although some applications are fulfilled in a slightly longer time of 5 days when the system is busy or there is an error on the form.

In the event that the applicant has not received a reply within 3 business days, it is possible to verify your Saudi Arabia visa status by following the instructions outlined below and requesting a Saudi Arabia visa check by visa number.

Please bear in mind that it is only possible to check the status of your visa if you have submitted the application using this website.

How to Check Saudi Arabia eVisa Application Status Online

The step by step process to track your Saudi Arabia eVisa status is very simple:

  1. Request your Saudi Arabia eVisa on this website
  2. Carefully check that you have entered your email address correctly
  3. Finalize your application by submitting your payment details
  4. Make note of your reference number
  5. Check your email after 3 business days (excluding weekends and national holidays)
  6. If you cannot locate the email message in your inbox, check your spam, junk, deleted or archived folders
  7. If you still cannot find your eVisa Saudi Arabia email message after completing the steps above, contact us by filling out the form with your details, including your reference number and we will assist you within 72 hours

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