Saudi Arabia Visa

Apply now and get an eVisa for Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Arabia eVisa has been designed to open up the KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) to tourism and speed up the process of obtaining a visa. The electronic visa streamlines the entry of eligible citizens into the country.

Who Needs an Online Visa for Saudi Arabia?

The electronic visa to Saudi Arabia is available to citizens of eligible foreign countries. It allows them to pass safely and securely through national immigration of what was once one of the most difficult countries to visit as a tourist. Since the launch of the eVisa visitors from around the world can stay in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for up to 90 days.

The Saudi Arabia eVisa application only takes a few minutes to complete online. There is no need to visit an embassy or a consulate during the process.

After the application has been completed and approved, travel authorization will be granted and sent directly to the traveler by email.

It is necessary for most foreign visitors to obtain an eVisa to enter Saudi Arabia.

Prior to the Online Visa for Saudi Arabia being available, the only way to obtain a travel authorization was to do so in person by at a local KSA embassy or consulate. Furthermore, there was no visa available to visit Saudi Arabia for tourism purposes until the Saudi eVisa was launched.

The Saudi Arabia Visa allows tourists from eligible countries to visit the kingdom. The online application process is quick and simple to complete.

The Saudi Government has announced that, so far, the eVisa is available to citizens of:

There are some basic requirements that must be met by candidates. Applicants need to make sure they complete every section of the eVisa application form as accurately as possible.

Traveling to Saudi Arabia with a KSA eVisa

Historically, Saudi Arabia has not offered a tourist visa. However, the eVisa marks the beginning of a new chapter for the country, opening up foreign tourism for the first time in its history. As the birthplace of Islam, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is packed full of places of cultural interest including mosques, castles, and museums.

Visitors need only apply online for the tourist visa before traveling to the KSA. On approval for an eVisa the traveler only needs to print a copy of the electronic visa to present to the Saudi authorities on arrival.